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Top Guilds - Dungeons Completed

RankNameDungeons CompletedGuild AgeAvg Dungeons/Day
1.GlytchBound55,6992214 days25
2.Order of the Rose53,8642268 days23
3.The Flying Circus42,5172455 days17
4.zakia39,5512248 days17
5.Choose Metal38,3302450 days15
6.Symphony of Roars37,3292455 days15
7.trojan sausages33,6192117 days15
8.Shade of Gray29,3011856 days15
9.Tempo G29,0782107 days13
10.The Goonies27,5552455 days11
11.Space Crusaders25,3251848 days13
12.Adrenaline Rush20,6542093 days9
13.The Exiled19,1762359 days8
14.Freelancers19,1472097 days9
15.The Dagda18,6431857 days10
16.spawn of darkness17,2922130 days8
17.Project Faith17,1591581 days10
18.shewee friends17,1411220 days14
19.Summer BBQ16,4522428 days6
20.Knights of Solamnia15,7651739 days9
21.One Hit Wonderpets14,9412455 days6
22.The Guild of Pirates13,1202023 days6
23.Glutamine Lovers12,9342455 days5
24.AVATARES12,2792261 days5
25.Insomniacs Anonymous12,2432024 days6
26.Lelysth11,5931621 days7
27.The Sacred11,0142455 days4
28.Zomg Owns My Guild10,8392424 days4
29.Haruno10,1181110 days9
30.Karma9,8132198 days4
31.The G Era9,6162016 days4
32.Famous Last Words9,4871995 days4
33.The Golden Horde9,1752216 days4
34.Dark Horse Guild9,0871768 days5
35.CrimsonElite8,9292258 days3
36.The Opposing Force8,5822272 days3
37.Outsiders8,3942091 days4
38.Pyro7,9252115 days3
39.Lux Eterna7,7982178 days3
40.LAST OF OUR KIND7,7892121 days3
41.Challengers7,3062024 days3
42.Division7,2171765 days4
43.SsleepingForest6,7351646 days4
44.Shift6,2641849 days3
45.Gang Green6,2482192 days2
46.Monkehs Tru6,0851845 days3
47.RyDe or DiE Krew6,0632300 days2
48.Rune Fangs6,0052206 days2
49.geomaniacs5,8741466 days4
50.Dirt and Dust5,6382205 days2
51.The Brewery5,4012132 days2
52.Society of Shadows5,1782312 days2
53.excalibers5,0332455 days2
54.Legio Draconum4,9701715 days2
55.Project Soul4,3291934 days2
56.Deadly Warriors4,3232249 days1
57.The Black Ravens4,0681917 days2
58.Gray Hair Guild3,9422455 days1
59.Gaia_Warriors3,8452043 days1
60.akkkatsuki3,8332184 days1
61.Black Dragon Aces3,6052237 days1
62.Needles And Pins3,5131693 days2
63.Road to Valhalla3,1922059 days1
64.Free Sausages3,1121714 days1
65.Seasonal Hazzards3,0962454 days1
66.Orphanarium3,0152455 days1
67.WHITE PHEONIX2,8561965 days1
68.The Prestige2,7992349 days1
69.The Wurst Guild2,7431025 days2
70.Capitol Punishment2,6841996 days1
71.FunkyFreshGuild2,5122390 days1
72.0o0o0o02,4941911 days1
73.GATETS2,4771896 days1
74.ViciousAnimals2,3391552 days1
75.Hidden Ninja2,2671747 days1
76.smelly goats2,1931616 days1
77.Orphanarium Academy2,1232259 days0
78.Pure Power1,9552455 days0
79.FC University1,8772197 days0
80.Orden Rosa Cruz1,8341710 days1
81.the rockas1,7321534 days1
82.God Hands1,7211841 days0
83.White Lotus1,5482389 days0
84.LootingPirates1,5121367 days1
85.Vampyric1,5041517 days0
86.Jackass X1,4601821 days0
87.Masterful Destroyers1,4372262 days0
88.the power1,4262166 days0
89.UC Elevator Survivor1,4162216 days0
90.Mighty Baconcakes1,4121375 days1
91.Ministry Of Wars1,3931797 days0
92.God Is Dead1,3191775 days0
93.Canidae Vulpes1,3182247 days0
94.The Resilient1,2302064 days0
95.Oni Of The Ashes1,2262091 days0
96.Master of shadows1,2101232 days0
97.The Exaulted Ones1,2031931 days0
98.Savants1,200439 days2
99.Blood Lust Soldiers1,1452171 days0
100.Rossoneri1,1172455 days0


Top Guilds - Dungeons Completed Per Day

RankNameDungeons CompletedGuild AgeAvg Dungeons/Day
1.GlytchBound55,6992214 days25
2.Order of the Rose53,8642268 days23
3.The Flying Circus42,5172455 days17
4.zakia39,5512248 days17
5.Shade of Gray29,3011856 days15
6.trojan sausages33,6192117 days15
7.Symphony of Roars37,3292455 days15
8.Choose Metal38,3302450 days15
9.shewee friends17,1411220 days14
10.Space Crusaders25,3251848 days13
11.Tempo G29,0782107 days13
12.The Goonies27,5552455 days11
13.Project Faith17,1591581 days10
14.The Dagda18,6431857 days10
15.Knights of Solamnia15,7651739 days9
16.Adrenaline Rush20,6542093 days9
17.Haruno10,1181110 days9
18.Freelancers19,1472097 days9
19.The Exiled19,1762359 days8
20.spawn of darkness17,2922130 days8
21.Lelysth11,5931621 days7
22.One Hit Wonderpets14,9412455 days6
23.Summer BBQ16,4522428 days6
24.Insomniacs Anonymous12,2432024 days6
25.The Guild of Pirates13,1202023 days6
26.AVATARES12,2792261 days5
27.Glutamine Lovers12,9342455 days5
28.Dark Horse Guild9,0871768 days5
29.The Golden Horde9,1752216 days4
30.SsleepingForest6,7351646 days4
31.The Anomalies923200 days4
32.Division7,2171765 days4
33.The G Era9,6162016 days4
34.Zomg Owns My Guild10,8392424 days4
35.geomaniacs5,8741466 days4
36.Famous Last Words9,4871995 days4
37.The Sacred11,0142455 days4
38.Outsiders8,3942091 days4
39.Karma9,8132198 days4
40.The Opposing Force8,5822272 days3
41.Shift6,2641849 days3
42.Pyro7,9252115 days3
43.CrimsonElite8,9292258 days3
44.Challengers7,3062024 days3
45.Lux Eterna7,7982178 days3
46.ARTE4816 days3
47.Monkehs Tru6,0851845 days3
48.LAST OF OUR KIND7,7892121 days3
49.Squad Goals550168 days3
50.BlueBerry Pie at 2am4113 days3
51.Gang Green6,2482192 days2
52.Simply us775353 days2
53.The Brewery5,4012132 days2
54.Savants1,200439 days2
55.L E G E N D S12761 days2
56.Society of Shadows5,1782312 days2
57.4nonymous955445 days2
58.RyDe or DiE Krew6,0632300 days2
59.Rune Fangs6,0052206 days2
60.Needles And Pins3,5131693 days2
61.The Black Ravens4,0681917 days2
62.Dirt and Dust5,6382205 days2
63.The Wurst Guild2,7431025 days2
64.Project Soul4,3291934 days2
65.excalibers5,0332455 days2
66.Legio Draconum4,9701715 days2
67.To The Limit483295 days1
68.Mighty Baconcakes1,4121375 days1
69.The Prestige2,7992349 days1
70.Boundless383225 days1
71.Gray Hair Guild3,9422455 days1
72.Too Cute for Scoops761606 days1
73.WHITE PHEONIX2,8561965 days1
74.Hidden Ninja2,2671747 days1
75.Log Horizon616460 days1
76.LootingPirates1,5121367 days1
77.Black Dragon Aces3,6052237 days1
78.akkkatsuki3,8332184 days1
79.Orden Rosa Cruz1,8341710 days1
80.Orphanarium3,0152455 days1
81.the rockas1,7321534 days1
82.0o0o0o02,4941911 days1
83.InfinitePower3229 days1
84.Seasonal Hazzards3,0962454 days1
85.Road to Valhalla3,1922059 days1
86.FunkyFreshGuild2,5122390 days1
87.Deadly Warriors4,3232249 days1
88.SwordArtOnline734378 days1
89.smelly goats2,1931616 days1
90.Capitol Punishment2,6841996 days1
91.Gaia_Warriors3,8452043 days1
92.Free Sausages3,1121714 days1
93.Izanagi1,094888 days1
94.GATETS2,4771896 days1
95.ViciousAnimals2,3391552 days1
96.Cancanmotionsickness21801 days0
97.Ss2 official141679 days0
98.Gun Runners541893 days0
99.Jutsu Fighters121822 days0
100.dark temperlar21969 days0