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Top Guilds - Dungeons Completed

RankNameDungeons CompletedGuild AgeAvg Dungeons/Day
1.GlytchBound55,6991743 days31
2.Order of the Rose53,7511797 days29
3.The Flying Circus42,5171984 days21
4.Choose Metal38,3301979 days19
5.zakia38,0531777 days21
6.Symphony of Roars37,2651984 days18
7.trojan sausages33,2591646 days20
8.Tempo G28,9051636 days17
9.Shade of Gray28,7761385 days20
10.The Goonies27,5531984 days13
11.Space Crusaders25,3231377 days18
12.Adrenaline Rush20,6541622 days12
13.The Exiled19,1761888 days10
14.Freelancers19,1431626 days11
15.The Dagda18,5911386 days13
16.spawn of darkness17,2861659 days10
17.Project Faith17,1431110 days15
18.shewee friends16,564749 days22
19.Summer BBQ16,4521957 days8
20.Knights of Solamnia15,7651268 days12
21.One Hit Wonderpets14,9411984 days7
22.The Guild of Pirates13,1201552 days8
23.Glutamine Lovers12,9341984 days6
24.AVATARES12,2791790 days6
25.Insomniacs Anonymous12,2261553 days7
26.Lelysth11,5931150 days10
27.The Sacred11,0141984 days5
28.Zomg Owns My Guild10,8311953 days5
29.Karma9,8131727 days5
30.Famous Last Words9,4091524 days6
31.The G Era9,3561545 days6
32.The Golden Horde9,1751745 days5
33.Dark Horse Guild9,0821297 days7
34.CrimsonElite8,9271787 days4
35.The Opposing Force8,5821801 days4
36.Outsiders8,3941620 days5
37.Pyro7,9251644 days4
38.Lux Eterna7,7981707 days4
39.LAST OF OUR KIND7,7891650 days4
40.Challengers7,3061553 days4
41.Division7,0631294 days5
42.SsleepingForest6,7271175 days5
43.Shift6,2641378 days4
44.Gang Green6,2481721 days3
45.Monkehs Tru6,0851374 days4
46.RyDe or DiE Krew6,0631829 days3
47.Rune Fangs6,0051735 days3
48.geomaniacs5,874995 days5
49.Dirt and Dust5,6381734 days3
50.The Brewery5,4011661 days3
51.Society of Shadows5,1781841 days2
52.excalibers5,0331984 days2
53.Legio Draconum4,9701244 days3
54.Project Soul4,3251463 days2
55.Deadly Warriors4,3231778 days2
56.The Black Ravens4,0681446 days2
57.Gray Hair Guild3,9421984 days1
58.Gaia_Warriors3,8451572 days2
59.akkkatsuki3,8331713 days2
60.Black Dragon Aces3,6051766 days2
61.Needles And Pins3,4851222 days2
62.Road to Valhalla3,1921588 days2
63.Free Sausages3,1121243 days2
64.Seasonal Hazzards3,0961983 days1
65.Orphanarium3,0151984 days1
66.WHITE PHEONIX2,8561494 days1
67.The Prestige2,7991878 days1
68.Capitol Punishment2,6841525 days1
69.FunkyFreshGuild2,5121919 days1
70.0o0o0o02,4941440 days1
71.GATETS2,4771425 days1
72.The Wurst Guild2,432554 days4
73.ViciousAnimals2,3391081 days2
74.Hidden Ninja2,2671276 days1
75.smelly goats2,1931145 days1
76.Orphanarium Academy2,1231788 days1
77.Pure Power1,9551984 days0
78.FC University1,8771726 days1
79.Orden Rosa Cruz1,8341239 days1
80.the rockas1,7321063 days1
81.God Hands1,7211370 days1
82.White Lotus1,5481918 days0
83.Vampyric1,5041046 days1
84.Jackass X1,4601350 days1
85.Masterful Destroyers1,4371791 days0
86.the power1,4181695 days0
87.UC Elevator Survivor1,4161745 days0
88.Mighty Baconcakes1,412904 days1
89.Ministry Of Wars1,3711326 days1
90.God Is Dead1,3191304 days1
91.Canidae Vulpes1,3181776 days0
92.TheGodfather1,279206 days6
93.The Resilient1,2301593 days0
94.Oni Of The Ashes1,2261620 days0
95.Master of shadows1,210761 days1
96.The Exaulted Ones1,2031460 days0
97.Blood Lust Soldiers1,1451700 days0
98.Rossoneri1,1171984 days0
99.Sinfonia Destruccion1,1121507 days0
100.Lights Fire1,1031603 days0


Top Guilds - Dungeons Completed Per Day

RankNameDungeons CompletedGuild AgeAvg Dungeons/Day
1.GlytchBound55,6991743 days31
2.Order of the Rose53,7511797 days29
3.shewee friends16,564749 days22
4.The Flying Circus42,5171984 days21
5.zakia38,0531777 days21
6.trojan sausages33,2591646 days20
7.Shade of Gray28,7761385 days20
8.Choose Metal38,3301979 days19
9.Symphony of Roars37,2651984 days18
10.Space Crusaders25,3231377 days18
11.Tempo G28,9051636 days17
12.Project Faith17,1431110 days15
13.The Goonies27,5531984 days13
14.The Dagda18,5911386 days13
15.Adrenaline Rush20,6541622 days12
16.Knights of Solamnia15,7651268 days12
17.Freelancers19,1431626 days11
18.The Exiled19,1761888 days10
19.spawn of darkness17,2861659 days10
20.Lelysth11,5931150 days10
21.Summer BBQ16,4521957 days8
22.The Guild of Pirates13,1201552 days8
23.Insomniacs Anonymous12,2261553 days7
24.One Hit Wonderpets14,9411984 days7
25.Dark Horse Guild9,0821297 days7
26.Style44771 days6
27.The G Era9,3561545 days6
28.TheGodfather1,279206 days6
29.AVATARES12,2791790 days6
30.Famous Last Words9,4091524 days6
31.Glutamine Lovers12,9341984 days6
32.The Golden Horde9,1751745 days5
33.The Sacred11,0141984 days5
34.SsleepingForest6,7271175 days5
35.Outsiders8,3941620 days5
36.Karma9,8131727 days5
37.Division7,0631294 days5
38.Zomg Owns My Guild10,8311953 days5
39.geomaniacs5,874995 days5
40.Shift6,2641378 days4
41.Challengers7,3061553 days4
42.Monkehs Tru6,0851374 days4
43.The Wurst Guild2,432554 days4
44.The Opposing Force8,5821801 days4
45.CrimsonElite8,9271787 days4
46.Pyro7,9251644 days4
47.Lux Eterna7,7981707 days4
48.LAST OF OUR KIND7,7891650 days4
49.Legio Draconum4,9701244 days3
50.RyDe or DiE Krew6,0631829 days3
51.Rune Fangs6,0051735 days3
52.Dirt and Dust5,6381734 days3
53.Gang Green6,2481721 days3
54.The Brewery5,4011661 days3
55.New Beginnings21 days2
56.Society of Shadows5,1781841 days2
57.Road to Valhalla3,1921588 days2
58.Deadly Warriors4,3231778 days2
59.Gaia_Warriors3,8451572 days2
60.excalibers5,0331984 days2
61.Black Dragon Aces3,6051766 days2
62.ViciousAnimals2,3391081 days2
63.Needles And Pins3,4851222 days2
64.The Black Ravens4,0681446 days2
65.Free Sausages3,1121243 days2
66.Project Soul4,3251463 days2
67.Izanagi1,094417 days2
68.akkkatsuki3,8331713 days2
69.the rockas1,7321063 days1
70.God Hands1,7211370 days1
71.ActivePlayers2213 days1
72.Haruno752639 days1
73.Just Play the Game9856 days1
74.Servants Of Darkness12275 days1
75.The Last Breath195131 days1
76.Fighting Dreamers 213677 days1
77.God Is Dead1,3191304 days1
78.WHITE PHEONIX2,8561494 days1
79.United as Several2221 days1
80.Hidden Ninja2,2671276 days1
81.Too Cute for Scoops218135 days1
82.Vampyric_791533 days1
83.FunkyFreshGuild2,5121919 days1
84.Orden Rosa Cruz1,8341239 days1
85.Hotel Transylvania836811 days1
86.2stronk85 days1
87.Mighty Baconcakes1,412904 days1
88.Gray Hair Guild3,9421984 days1
89.0o0o0o02,4941440 days1
90.FC University1,8771726 days1
91.Vampyric1,5041046 days1
92.Jackass X1,4601350 days1
93.The Prestige2,7991878 days1
94.smelly goats2,1931145 days1
95.Orphanarium Academy2,1231788 days1
96.Orphanarium3,0151984 days1
97.Ministry Of Wars1,3711326 days1
98.Capitol Punishment2,6841525 days1
99.Seasonal Hazzards3,0961983 days1
100.Master of shadows1,210761 days1